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Friday, September 08, 2006

Facts about the proposed Qala Creek project

The developers are planning to:

  • Cut all the remaining stone in the quarry - that is twice the amount that has been cut so far to make space for the project.
  • Excavate the present parking space so that the sea will be let in right into the quarry. This new inlet which they are calling 'creek' will be separated from the present sandy beach by a few meters.
  • In the area stretching from the depth of the quarry and eastwards along the rocky cliffside they plan to build a five star hotel catering for 170 beds, approximately 25 Self Catering Villas, 60 Self Catering Units and 200 Multi-Ownership Residences.
  • 731 Underground parking spaces subdivided into:
    • 160 under the hotel
    • 90 reserved for the public along the foreshore (During Summer more than 200 hundred cars are parked there, so where are the rest going to Park?)
    • 235 south-west village centre
    • 216 east village
    • 40 north east tip
  • 10 Retail Units
  • 5 Dining Facilities
  • The gross floor area of the commercial area is 3750m2.
  • A marina for between 100 to 150 craft depending on the size of the vessels.


  • Ikun tajjeb jekk il-leaflets tal-moviment li jinharÄ¡u jigu pubblikati f' din il-websajt

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